• If you purchased a December Monthly Broadcast blind box, your card is in the box. For all Monthly Broadcasts after December, cards will only be sent to those who have not received one yet. Please let us know in the notes of your order if you already have a card but are purchasing next month's blind box. (We will be able to look this up, but just in case we miss something please drop us a note.)
  • If you purchased more than one December Monthly blind box, you will get more than one card. You can do whatever you like with your duplicate cards. 
  • When you place an order and would like to get credit for your pin purchases, please let us know in the notes that you have a Membership Card and need stickers. We will include the same number of stickers as there are pins in your order. 
  • If you've filled up your card and want to redeem your free pin, send us a picture of your card at horrorhostchicago@gmail.com with the subject: "MEMBERSHIP CARD FREE PIN". That way, we'll be able to get to your email faster. We'll reply with a coupon code for a free pin. There is no expiration date on the coupon. (IT CAN BE USED ON NEW PIN DROPS!) Once you've filled up your card, we'll start sending you a different sticker. Put the new stickers on top of the old ones, or peel off the old ones. Whatever you'd like! 

If you have any other questions, please let us know!